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    Calming Crystal Mala

    Crystal malas are used for meditation and prayer, they enhance focus, energy, and healing, promoting mindfulness and positive vibrations. 

    This mala has freshwater pearls and Keishi pearls.

    Blue Apatit is a stone of manifestation. It is a great crystal for increasing motivation and building up energy. It encourages confidence, aiding you to get up and go.

    Turquoise helps with calmness, tranquillity, creativity, and empathy. Itrepresents wisdom, tranquillity, protection, good fortune, and hope. Blue Apatit is a stone of manifestation, for increasing motivation and building up energy, which encourages confidence. 

    Aqua Terra Jasper is a calming stone that brings inner peace and clarity of thought. It promotes compassion and love. A great nurturing stone, it aids emotional healing and it can be used to ease worry, fear and depression.

    Gold plated pieces.

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