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    Indian Agate Bracelet

    Indian Agate is used to rebalance your energy, to reharmonise your entire being, allowing you to dispel mental agitation and negative energy. Assuring you of your abilities and restoring your self-confidence is a benefit of Indian Agate. It also brings you a feeling of comfort and peace of mind, whilst balancing the positive and negative energies within your body. This crystal helps with decisions and choices. It gives you strength, courage, and stamina. This stone also improves your mental functions. It also helps to increase concentration and honesty.

    This crystal helps release unhealthy attachments you have formed with people when held. It will help you accept yourself and others, forgive, and let go of grudges. It will also help you find the courage you need to move on with your life.

    Indian Agate is great stone for finding inner strength and warrior.

    Fits 15-18cm wrists. Gold Plated pieces. 

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